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Filming services and advice
Making a film or TV show involving trains? We can help you and advise the best course of action for your production. We have railway carriages dating from the 1950s and representing every decade right through to vehicles that are still in service today. We can even supply engines to pull them and railway track to sit them on. We can source specialist equipment to meet your requirements.
  • Advice and guidance for TV and film
  • Spare parts to create sets
  • Loan or sale of vehicles for filming
  • Railway track including construction on site
  • Large site available (over 3km of track) for filming
  • First Class / Standard Class / Buffet Cars / Sleeping Cars / Luggage vans / Freight wagons

1970s-era British Rail


Present Day Era

Buffet Cars and Lounge Cars

First Class Carriages

For all your rolling stock requirements:

Email: enquiries@easternrailservices.co.uk